Wreathed In Smiles

     No matter what your occasion, I can make a personalized wreath for you.  I specialize in alphabet block and lace name wreaths for babies and children.

     Bride and Groom Wreaths, school colors for students and graduates, memorial wreaths for a loved one, Birthdays,  any special day you choose!
Halloween, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Valentines Day, Easter, Memorial Day and more!

I also create assorted non-name wreaths in any color you need. Hand painted picture blocks or zoo animals, farm animals, flowers or even army men, are a fun and lovely addition to any nursery or child's room.  I create personalized or plain gold  wreaths with clocks in them that are elegant and original.

  Anything can be personalized.  I use an average of 150 yards of flat lace in a wide variety of colors to complete an 8 inch wreath, 200 yards for a 10 inch wreath, or 40 to 50 yards of satin ribbon for an 8 inch wreath.

                                                          An unusual and timeless gift.

 I make 8, 10 and 12 inch wreaths in a wide variety of colors. Wreath prices start at $125.00 for an eight inch wreath with approximately 150 yards of hand-tied flat lace with custom name and colors. Please contact me for a quote.  (413) 568-3544

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