Time Travelers Purses

     In 1984, I received a gift from my Sister-In-Law that changed my life!  It was a round, black patent leather purse with a clock on one side. It looked like a time bomb! I was thrilled!

I took it everywhere!  Except the airport, they did not like it at the airport; even back then! Nothing round and black that ticks at the airport!  Lesson learned! No round, black purses are offered in my line, so have no fear of the airport with Time Travelers!

  Wherever I went people would ask,  " Where did you get that? ", or
" Does that thing really work? ", or my all time favorite, " What time is it? "

    I loved that purse, and was devastated when the zipper burst and I could no longer use it or repair it.  I kept the purse and still have it today.

    My Sister-In-Law,  Michele was not done with me yet!  The following summer, she presented me with two, canvas beach size totes (one yellow, one blue) that also had large clocks in them! I managed to fill them to the brim and carried them for many years.

  There was only one problem. They were made of canvas, and after much abuse from me,   eventually wore out.  I really wanted one in leather. I couldn't afford to have one made in leather, so I took a leather messengers bag I had and used the clock part of the canvas bag to construct my own.  I carried that bag until I started to leave a trail of my belongings behind me.

      I always expressed a desire to make a "Clocketbook" of my own, but never got around to it. I couldn't use the "Clocketbook" name because it was already copyrighted, and thinking of a name just seemed too hard at the time. What a maroon!  A career in music, raising an active child, caring for the homestead, and my remarkable talent for procrastination all combined to postpone the start of purses with clocks!
My timely purses collected dust in the attic of my house, but not in the attic of my mind. They were always there, waiting for me to get my act together.

One day while puttering around my local Salvation Army, I saw it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My original "Clocketbook",  with zipper intact! A victory dance ensued!
Needless to say, the dream was re-ignited! I finally knew what to do, and how to do it!..............................sort of.

I had been collecting purses in all shapes and sizes in the hopes of making vintage purses and leather bags with clocks in them, ( At least that's what I told my husband). I bought a couple of quartz clocks at the craft store and promptly did nothing about it!

  After another few years, I looked up purse clocks on the internet and found very little. A couple of companies had reissued something like the originals, with nothing of the originals quality. I bought a couple to see how they were made. My collection expanded once again.

    My daughter and I were in a local crafts store when I first saw the plain, unfinished wooden purses. I felt like I had been struck by lightning! Every time I looked At them, I saw them with clocks. I saw different colors and different faces on the clocks. I saw all the possibilities in that one moment;  and TIME TRAVELERS was born!

    The wooden purses are hand painted, sometimes wood burned with designs or stained, then finished with four coats of poly acrylic. The purse determines what kind of finish it will have.  Depending on the shape of the purse, the wood grain, the lighting in the room, the barometric pressure, or how much chocolate is available: that is how I arrive at the finish.  Or sometimes I just need a blue purse! The handles are chosen to accentuate the color and design of the purse.  They seem to tell me what THEY need to be! ( cue horror movie music)

The insides of the wooden purses are lined with poly fleece and upholstery grade trim and leather .

The large canvas beach bags are colorful and practical. Available in many colors and prints Prices starting @ $75.00!

Also available are stylish evening bags in satin, silk and leather with small bejeweled clocks The prices start @ $50 for these statement bags!

You'll make a statement and always know the time.

More pictures and pricing options coming soon!

see page 9 for contact info

Thank you for your interest!

The large canvas "Beach Bag". Two sizes, large (19 1/2 inches wide x 11 1/2 tall x 4 inches across) and a smaller version! Many different colors and patterns are available!Starting @ $75.


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