These are just a few of the images that I have painted on Vintage glass in Vintage window frames.  I use a special paint and sealant that makes the glass appear to be stained with color.  I started doing this while working as a house painting contractor.
     Many people were replacing their wood windows with vinyl and aluminum.  When the old windows were removed, many were just smashed in a dumpster.   After an entire day of listening to history and craftsmanship shatter into a million pieces, I asked the window guys if I could have one of the old windows.  They laughed at me and said , " Take 'em all."   I only took one and still regret that decision.  The next day, they were all gone.

     But it just took that one window to get the wheels turning.  My sister-in-law had given me some paint for Christmas that supposedly made ordinary glass look like stained glass.  I had colored a few bottles and plates, but one look at that beautiful four paned window and I saw a painting on the glass and just knew I could do this!

     My first painting was of a cherry tree laden with fruit.  It felt amazing to create and it was so freeing!
I've never looked back and have created about 30 windows so far.   Allow me to custom design one for you!

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